Learn how to preserve nature’s bountiful harvest into delicious jams, jellies, pickles and more with Preservation School. Located in Woodstock, IL, Preservation School offers classes to fit all needs and levels of interest – from demonstrations to hands-on learning, in one-on-one tutoring sessions to a party with your friends – learning to “put up” your own food is rewarding and fun!

Preservation School is the passion of Amanda Olsen, who has been practicing home food preservation for over a decade. Community, local food and the DIY spirit are at the heart of what Preservation School is all about. Learn a new skill, enjoy a great class or party with your friends and take home something delicious to eat, all while supporting a local business in our community.

Amanda is licensed as a Food Safety Manger in the state of Illinois.

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  1. I am a member of the Bioneers and would like to send you information about the Green Living Expo at MCC. I think it would be wonderful to have you there. Please email me back and I’ll send you the information


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